Custom Cabinet Solutions

Nothing in your home is more visible than the cabinetry and molding that accent your living space. Hollywood Woodshop will complement your interior design taste with custom finishes and well-developed designs. We can design your custom cabinets to increase your storage, make finding things more convenient, and give you pride in the quality and appearance of your living space.

Our company specializes in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and storage cabinets. However, our range of work can easily incorporate whatever project you have in mind. Regardless of the room, you will receive custom cabinets that you will be proud to show off to your guests.

Kitchen Cabinets

Meal preparation can be a chore. Chopping up fruit, vegetables, and grabbing your cookware from cabinets... While organization is key, the appearance is also very important. That's where our custom kitchen cabinets come into play. We strive to help you have all your essentials in easy to reach places while allowing your guest to be amazed with the appearance of your cabinets. We have hundreds of innovative solutions for each segment of your kitchen storage: food storage, cookware, preparation, cooking and cleaning up.


When it comes to kitchens, whatís the difference between a big-box store and a custom cabinet shop? Itís that one word: custom. Itís the ability to change the rules, make things work perfectly, and be creative. Itís more than aesthetics. Custom means being able to fit a kitchen to the available space, rather than the other way around. Trying to fit the room to standardized cabinet dimensions is, by its very nature, more an exercise in arithmetic than craft. The results ó lots of fillers and soffits and compromises ó often leave something to be desired.

Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom is more than a sink and a tub. It can be an extension of your home with carefully arranged storage and decorative lighting. Our custom bathroom cabinets will demonstrate how lovely of an ambiance your bathroom can have. With a seemingly infinite array of designs, we're confident you can have both the storage you need and the look you desire.

Storage Cabinets

Why waste space in sorting through piles of junk when you can have it neatly arranged and stowed away? We can help your family make full use of your space with our storage cabinet solutions.



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